Friday, January 30, 2009

Sorry, Q - Maine Didn't Make The Cut

A few weeks ago, my brother's friend Quentin noted that I had written posts about historically bad teams in the NFL, NBA, and NHL, and had done Reverse Survivor for college football and basketball, but the subject of bad teams in college hockey history was totally untouched. Well, not anymore.

Using the standings at (which I'm just gonna go ahead and assume are at least reasonably accurate), I made a list of college hockey teams that won two games or less in a season. The Ivy League and the state of Michigan are well represented.

If any are missing, or if any of these don't actually belong, feel free to let me know.

1949-50 Michigan State (0-14-0)

2002-03 University of Alaska-Anchorage (1-28-7)
1990-91 Dartmouth College (1-23-4)
1988-89 Brown University (1-25-0)
1974-75 Yale University (1-21-1)

1986-87 Dartmouth College (2-22-1)
1968-69 Princeton University (2-18-0)
1959-60 Cornell University (2-19-0)
1952-53 Michigan State (2-16-0)
1951-52 Michigan Tech (2-18-0)