Friday, January 02, 2009

I Hereby Resolve

The New Year is here! In the days leading up to the beginning of 2009, I wrote down a few resolutions in my planner. These are by no means everything I want to work on in the next twelve months, but I think it's a pretty good start.

Be a better husband
My first words to Vicki just after the ball dropped were, "This will be a better year than the last one." She answered, "I hope so." I made a lot of mistakes in 2008, but we toughed it out, we made it through, and we're doing a lot better than we have in quite some time. We watched "Deep Impact" lately; I had seen it before, but this time one line caught my attention. Speaking of his wife, who died some time before, Robert Duvall's character says, "Every marriage has its good years and its bad years. We ended on a great year." 2008 was a bad year. It's over. I have a feeling 2009 is gonna be a great year.

Random YouTube: Kim Weston & Marvin Gaye, "It Takes Two"

Be a better father
Vicki said today, "It's a privilege, not a right, to be called 'Daddy'." Though she wasn't talking about me, it still applies. When I say I want to be a better father, I'm talking about the little things, mostly, like reading to Joey more and taking him outside to play and all that good stuff that I already do sometimes. I just think I need to do more of it.

Random YouTube: Family Guy - Stewie thinks Peter "Vanishes"

Be a better friend
I tend to forget to do the little things that make good friendships run, like being overbearing or forgetting to establish contact with a friend for weeks at a time and being irritated when they don't talk to me first. Pushing away friends is no way to go through life.

Random YouTube: Scrubs Best Friends

Work harder
"Work smarter, not harder" was once my credo, instilled by years of lower-level management at McDonald's. Somewhere, though, I forgot that hard work DOES precede success. You may not have to kill yourself every day to get somewhere in the world, but you have to actually put forth a decent amount of effort, and in the right direction. I haven't been doing that for years now. I lost my job with the Nashua Pride four years ago because I didn't focus enough energy and determination on sales; I stagnated at Target and MHS because they were jobs where I could go in and mindlessly coast through each day. I need more. I need to be better than that, so I'm gonna try to actually work harder at my current place of employment and see where that takes me.

Random YouTube: Where Amazing Happens: Hard Work

Figure out what I really want to do when I grow up and go after it
One of my coworkers constantly tells me that I've gotten myself stuck doing a job I don't like and part of my frustration is that I don't know how to get out or where to go. That's right, to a point. I like the nature of my job, the feeling I get when one of my clients is successful because of something I did to help them. There's just something about it, though, this little voice in the back of my head telling me that this isn't quite what I'm supposed to be doing, not quite where I'm supposed to be. The goal for 2009 is for that little voice to figure out how to fix those two dilemmas.

Random YouTube: Garbage - When I Grow Up

Get something substantial published in a reputable place
I can write well. I know it. The problem has always been coming up with timely, interesting topics. On a blog, I can shoot from the hip about anything that catches my interest. If I'm going to get something into ESPN or Sports Illustrated, I need to demonstrate an ability to sniff out a story in advance and run with it.

Write with more substance and thought
This blog had more than 400 entries in 2007, more than 250 in 2008. How many of those do you suppose were well-thought out, well-crafted articles? Maybe 10%? I want to keep doing some of the fun stuff, like Matt Forte vs. Kevin Smith, while working to turn out some longer, more thoughtful pieces.

Random YouTube: Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey - Carl's Wing

Come to grips with turning thirty
Less than ten months to go. Yikes. This is actually a big year for birthdays and milestones in my family: my wife and I turn 30, my younger sister turns 25, my mother turns 60, my nephew turns 10, my parents celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, and my older sister turns...39. Almost perfect. It's actually not the turning 30 part that bothers me - no, it's that I feel as though I have accomplished little in my life so far. So basically, the plan is to make the next thirty years better and more productive than the first thirty.

Random YouTube: Oklahoma State Football Coach Mike Gundy Upset

Improve our financial situation
My wife and I were talking tonight about my siblings and their similarities to each of my parents when she unleashed this gem: "You used to be like your father, good with money, until you met me. I wrecked you." She went on to explain that I had always saved money and pay my bills on time, then she came along with her well-paying job and I followed her into the credit card trap; now, she says, she needs me to be like my father again and make our finances work. So I'm gonna try to do that. I expect my hair to be white by early August.

Random YouTube: It's A Wonderful Life bank run

Give up soda
Holy crap, I drink a lot of the stuff. Mountain Dew is my poison. I've made attempts in the past, most recently last summer, to kick the habit. This is the year it finally happens for good.

Random YouTube: Mountain Dew - Original Commercial from the 1960s

Give up fast food
In November 2007, I stopped eating fast food for an entire month. Don't ask me how I did it - I have no idea. All I remember is that I picked up something on my birthday, then resisted temptation until the need became too great and I grabbed a milkshake at McDonald's on the last day of November. Giving up fast food entirely probably isn't an option; if I try to do so, I'll just end up falling off the wagon eventually. Maybe limit it just to pay day, twice a month. Either way, it's one habit that needs to go buh-bye.

Random YouTube: Never trust on Ronald McDonald's

Exercise more
And the final step in my "Be More Healthy" set of resolutions. Gotta get off the couch and move around. We have a treadmill and weight machine down in the basement that need to be set up, and the streets around our apartment are helpfully equipped with sidewalks. Actually, one activity I'd like to start is walking to the library as a family. It's not very far and it would serve the dual purpose of getting us moving and exposing Joey to books. If I could find the time to get out and do it, I'd also love to look into joining a boxing gym. I know if you really dedicate yourself, they offer some intense cardio, which is probably what I need.

Random YouTube: Rocky 1 training

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So, does that mean I should give away the "cube" of Mt. Dew I just bought?
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