Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Ninth Year

Yesterday was the ninth anniversary of the day my wife and I met. In a perfect world, we would have left the baby with Grandma and Grandpa and headed out on the town for a nice evening involving dinner and a movie. In reality, we finished off an impromptu weeklong visit with my in-laws (necessitated by an ice storm that knocked out power to our apartment for a week) by staying in to avoid the first heavy snowstorm of the season.

On the bright side, we finally have power back.

A few weeks back I checked the audio book of "A Beautiful Mind" out of the library. I've tried to read it at least twice and always get bogged down within the first fifty pages, so I figured I'd let my ears have a go at it.

It worked out well - I got much more out of the book than ever before and learned a lot about John Nash's life that wasn't considered appropriate for a Ron Howard movie. One of the passages in particular, about Nash's devotion to his ex-wife Alicia, stuck with me. Considering it's our anniversary, and one of my goals is to be a better husband and father, I thought I'd share it here.

He...sets his clock by her. Stubborn, reserved, self-centered, and jealous of his time (and money) as he is, Nash does nothing without consulting Alicia first, defers to her wishes, and tries to help her, whether it is by washing the dishes, straightening out a problem at the bank, or going with her to family therapy every Monday night. She is the one to whom he faithfully reports the day's events, whom he ran into, what the lecture was about, what he ate for lunch. They argue about money, the housework, Johnny, social engagements, but he has committed himself to making her life easier and more joyful.
I like the last line. That, ultimately, is what being a partner is all about - making things better for the person you're with. Right?

I'm gonna keep working on it.

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Forever and Ever said...

I agree...the last line is what being a partner is all about. I think you can totally reach your goal Moyni!!