Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hold Onto Your Hats: I'm Writing About Hockey

In the past year at OMDQ, I have posted lists of NFL teams that finished 1-15 and NBA teams that won fifteen or fewer games in an 82-game season. It seems only natural to now present the eleven teams in NHL history that won fourteen or fewer games in a season. Three were first-year expansion teams and six were in their second year of existence.

1974-75 Washington Capitals (8-67-5)*
1980-81 Winnipeg Jets (9-57-14)+
1992-93 Ottawa Senators (10-70-4)*
1975-76 Washington Capitals (11-59-10)+
1992-93 San Jose Sharks (11-71-2)+
1975-76 Kansas City Scouts (12-56-12)+
1972-73 New York Islanders (12-60-6)+
1989-90 Quebec Nordiques (12-61-7)
1973-74 California Golden Seals (13-55-10)
1999-00 Atlanta Thrashers (14-57-7-5)*
1993-94 Ottawa Senators (14-61-9)+

The Senators are a funny inclusion on this list because they’ve been good for the past few years, so it’s easy to forget that they were absolutely awful when they first came into the league as an expansion team for the 1992-93 season. They were the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for the first several years of their existence, just a terrible collection of “talent.” Imagine the shock a few years ago when I looked at the standings and discovered that they were actually good.

*expansion team
+ second-year team

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