Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Clearly, Wikipedia Has Lower Standards Than Previously Thought

There are certain things in life that I understand, and certain things that I just don't. This is a clear example of the latter.

Looking at the referrals in my Site Meter, I noticed that one of them came from the Wikipedia page for William Veeck, Sr. - father of Bill and grandfather of Mike.

"Odd," I thought to myself. "How did that happen?"

I'll tell you how it happened: Bill Veeck has long been one of my favorite baseball personalities. I've considered writing a book on his days as a baseball operator, so a couple of years ago I started putting together a biography using his three books and a few other sources from the Internet, just to see what happened with it. By the time I set it aside, I had about twenty pages of material that was fairly raw but which had, at the very least, some potential for growth.

Last February, I decided to post it and see what people thought. It got some reaction, including a link from a newspaper in San Antonio, which was pretty much all the positive feedback I was looking for - that convinced me that it was at least decent. Nonetheless, I haven't done much with it since besides opening the file every so often, looking at it, and closing it again.

So tonight, the Wikipedia link. I followed it, read the short article on Veeck, Sr., and then looked at the References. Know what I saw? Yeah, you know...Bill Veeck: Baseball Genius. Something that I wrote is officially credited as a source on Wikipedia.

That just seems, I don't know, WRONG. It's totally going on my resume.