Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Church For Everyone

I have this friend, Trish (that's her in the middle, sort of under the armpit of the priesty-looking dude), who in the six years since we interned together at the Baseball Hall of Fame has become sort of my go-to person for critical analysis of my writing. When I wrote the "Changing The Past" post a couple of weeks ago, for instance, I asked her to give it a read and offer some thoughts. She responded by blasting me for switching styles mid-story. It sucked to hear, but it was the truth, so it was necessary.

For the last, I don't know, year or two, Trish has been living in Chicago and doing some training with the famed Second City comedy troupe. She is currently a part of The Best* Church of God, a weekly show that satirizes religion, was featured in the Chicago Tribune, and received a number of positive comments from readers at Even the folks at Friendly Atheist seemed to be interested in finding out more.

Trish blogs as her character, Ruth Shepherd, on The Best* Church of God's web site. Check it out - there's some very funny stuff there (and I promised her at least two hits from OMDQ this year - don't let us down, folks! Turn away from that picture of Stacy Keibler that brought you here and turn to the Lord!)