Sunday, February 17, 2008

People Should Not Be Able To Do Some Of The Things That Dwight Howard Does

I was all set to sit at home last night and enjoy what promised to be the best Slam Dunk contest in years...until my wife informed me that her cousin had called and invited us to dinner and she would be very upset if I didn't go.

"Tom has a bigger TV than we do," my wife said, trying to sweeten the deal. "He'll probably put it on if you ask him."

I'm not the sort of person to go over to someone's house and make a request like that, especially when there were ten other people there, so I figured I'd just say a prayer to the Basketball Gods and hope for the best. Shortly after we arrived, somebody started flipping channels...past some movies...random sporting events...and then, the Dunk contest. I held my breath as The Guardian of the Remote paused...1...2...3...and continued on his or her merry way. Denied.

In the end, we watched UFC 81 and commented on the hugeness of Brock Lesnar. Around 8, I looked at my wife and said, "You know what? We have a DVR at home. I could have recorded the Slam Dunk competition myself. I am an idiot."

Oh well - at least the majesty of YouTube allowed me to see this Dwight Howard performance that everyone is talking about. My personal favorite is probably the "behind the backboard" one - it gets better and better, especially when you realize that he's pretty much entirely behind the backboard when he puts the ball through the hoop.

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Timmay said...

I will give props to Howard's power dunking, but Gerald Green did have some impressive dunks. The blowing out the candle without having the cupcake fall was the most impressive based on creativity. And dunking with no shoes? Have you ever tried to stop on a hardwood floor let alone dunk a basketball? Come on....