Friday, February 29, 2008

No Prisoners, No Mercy!

I hate to put words into the mouth of a philosophical concept, but something tells me Karma is not gonna like this:

Red Sox trounce Boston College 24-0 in exhibition opener
Red Sox beat Northeastern 15-0 with help of 12 walks

Wow. Nothing says, "Watch the fuck out, American League," like kicking the crap out of a couple of college teams. 39-0. I tried last year, after Texas beat Baltimore in that 30-3 debacle, and I couldn't even blow somebody out like that on a video game. It's not easy to do, generally speaking.

The last time the Red Sox hung 20 on a major league team was June 27, 2003, when the Grady Little All-Stars violated the Florida Marlins (including third baseman Mike Lowell and starting pitcher Josh Beckett) with fourteen first inning runs en route to a 25-8 beatdown. Florida rebounded to reach the playoffs and win the World Series, so I think the implications are clear here: Boston College fans should start booking hotel rooms in Omaha.