Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hey Guy

(This post would have achieved various levels of awesomeness if Ray Guy had been elected to the Hall of Fame today. Alas, he was not, so this post will probably suck. My deepest apologies.)

I'm on the go a lot at work, so it's not unusual for the janitor and I to cross paths a couple of times a week. I've worked at this job for almost two years, and every time we see each other, the exact same "conversation" takes place. Observe:

Me: Hi Sam.
Sam: Hey guy.

Now, you may be immediately struck by the fact that we've been visual acquaintances for this long, yet he obviously doesn't know my name. That's a fair point, I suppose, even if every single meeting we've ever had has lasted less than five seconds. The thing that gets me, however, is his usage of the word "guy".

Until now, my father was the only person I had ever heard address someone as "guy". When I was a kid, he would often close out telephone conversations with, "Okay, guy," which confused the hell out of me because my mother's cousin, my godmother, is married to a guy named Guy. Until I was about ten, I thought my father and Guy were good friends who talked on the phone all the time - again, confusing, because Tess and Guy lived in Massachusetts and my father rarely saw them when they came to visit. What can I say, I was a stupid kid.

Why waste my time and energy writing about this? No reason, other than it makes me chuckle now every time I say hello to Sam and remember that otherwise meaningless memory from my childhood.


YourSecretIsSafeWithMe said...

It beats being called "Chief" all the time.

Forever and Ever said...

That's not a meaninless entry, I think it's cute "Guy."