Monday, January 21, 2008

Mea Culpa

During an email interview with NESN's Tina Cervasio last September, the following exchange took place:

OMDQ: Your web site says you're a New York Giants fan. Three questions: a) is this the year you guys finally accept that Eli Manning is NOT equal to his brother, b) did I make a mistake drafting Amani Toomer in two different fantasy leagues, and c) how long until Tom Coughlin loses control of the team (again) and is finally shown the door?

TC: a) Yes, but didn’t we all know that already.b) Yes, the guy is older than me & coming off a torn ACL. Bet you were thrilled when he missed that TD by a toe.c)No playoffs: Mr. Coughlin, I would like you to meet, the door.

Four months later, Eli is headed to the Super Bowl while Peyton sits at home, Toomer had 59 catches for 760 yards and three touchdowns (yeah, drafting him might've been a mistake), and the words "long term contract extension" have been thrown around in the same sentences as Coughlin's name. So, um, yeah...Tina and I are both eating some crow right now.

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R. LeBaron said...

I still think Eli has received too much criticism prior to the playoffs and too much praise during them. (Is there ever any kind of middle ground with NY athletes?)