Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Research Is Important

During my drive home from work today, Sporting News Radio's Dave Smith was talking about the idea of a World vs. America All-Star Game in Major League Baseball (worked real well for the NHL, if I recall) and giving his picks for the teams.

David Ortiz over Albert Pujols for the World team? Okay, even if the rationale used was that Pujols plays in the National League.

The American team, however, presented a problem. Russell Martin as one of the top two catchers? Justin Morneau as the designated hitter? Somebody should tell Smith that neither of these players are, strictly speaking, American.

In fairness, I should mention that when first base came up for discussion, Morneau's name was the first that came to mind. It was Martin's name that caught my attention. Also, one could argue that by calling it the "American" team, it's covering all of North America, so Canada and Mexico are included. I don' t necessarily buy that (unless Smith qualified it as the North American team earlier in the discussion before shortening it to make it easier to say). When someone says America, they aren't talking about the continent of North America. They're talking about the United States.


Jordi said...

I never liked this idea and I don't like that we do it in the "futures" game. I am not a big fan of teammates squaring off. Who wants to see Josh Beckett face David Ortiz or in my case as a Mets fan, Tom Glavine versus Jose Reyes or the Carloses? Teammate on teammate would eliminate a level of intensity, in my opinion.

Ref. American 1st base: Prince Fielder and Ryan Howard. What more do you need?

Covert Jerk said...

Geography shmeography.