Tuesday, April 03, 2007

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Billy Packer's endorsement of Greg Oden as the Final Four's Most Outstanding Player got me thinking about the last guy to win the award for a losing team: Houston's Hakeem Olajuwon, a guy Oden has drawn comparisons to, back in 1983. I was alive during Olajuwon's entire professional career but don't recall watching him play very often - I didn't watch a lot of basketball after Magic Johnson's announcement and Reggie Lewis' death, and any previous memories are hazy.

It was nice to find this video, then, featuring ten minutes of Hakeem being The Dream. The highlight reel is long, but impressive - Hoops-Central, which put it together, was smart enough to showcase three or four "force of nature"-type plays in the first ninety seconds.

I've always questioned the comparisons between Oden and Olajuwon, and the video doesn't change that. Both are unquestionably dominant on the defensive end of the floor, but I'm not sure that what we've seen from Oden offensively warrants such an evaluation.

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Sanchez said...

Nice showreel. I agree about the comparison. I can see where it comes from, but I just can't... well, see it - does that make any sense?