Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Jets Fans Do Not Appreciate Honesty

I wrote a post a few months ago that included, as a way of describing my status as a New England Patriots fan, the following paragraph:

I’ll be honest: I’m pretty firmly entrenched on the Patriots bandwagon, having hopped on during the 2001 season and sticking around through three Super Bowl wins in the last five years. I’d like to think, however, that my fandom is real and will continue even when Tom Brady retires (the over/under: five years) and Bill Belichick is no longer considered a genius. Talk to me in five or ten years, though, and we’ll see where things stand.

I thought I was being very honest about the origins of my fandom - more honest than many of the others who are still jostling for space on the Patriots bandwagon, at least. I can't say exactly why the team never garnered my attention as a kid - maybe because they sucked until Bill Parcells and Drew Bledsoe rode into town, maybe because the Red Sox and baseball got to me first, maybe because I can't remember ever sitting down on a Sunday afternoon and watching a game with my dad - but it didn't.

The fine folks at Jets Insider, one of whom revived this post on the message boards there on Monday, apparently do not find such honesty to be a redeeming virtue. Some of them seem genuinely bothered by the fact that I admit to such a heinous act as jumping on a bandwagon, following a winning team, and being uncertain of how I will feel toward that team when the players who initially drew me in have moved on. I hereby apologize to those that have been made physically ill by the horror of my actions.

If it makes you feel better, I still like the Celtics.


BD said...

The fact that you acknowledge your Celtics fandom should work as a pardon for your bandwagon jumping.

PalacePool said...

I say Eff the Jets fans..... They are obviously upset at their lack of success. I have to agree with BD, you get a badge of honor for liking the celts.

When the Pats were so terrible in the early 80s i was a bandwagon Giants fan. I know, hard to believe. In those days they were on every week on tv, and madden and summerall were calling the games, impossible not to get lured in.