Monday, April 09, 2007

If Mike Hampton Is Not Superstitious, He Should Be

I don't know what happened to Mike Hampton in 2005 - maybe he broke a mirror, walked under a ladder, or bought a black cat - but he obviously pissed off some higher power. Monday, it was announced that he will miss his second consecutive season following surgery to repair a torn tendon in his pitching elbow.

Hampton's only option at this point may be to try pitching right-handed. Seriously. How much worse can it be? Or he can just sit at home and do elbow strengthening exercises while counting the roughly $30 million he will clear from the Braves for the exactly 0 innings of work he has turned in since August 19, 2005.

If he gets bored, however, and opts to consider another line of work, this guy has just one word to say to him.


Sooze said...

Not a bad salary to sit on your ass all day.

Sanchez said...

Perhaps it was counting the $30 mil that has kept him out for so long...