Sunday, August 27, 2006

I Was Thinking... thought still remains from the Red Sox-Yankees series last weekend - George Steinbrenner won't allow players to have long hair or beards in the name of professionalism, but visible tattoos (like the one Cory Lidle sports on the inside of his elbow) are okay?

...Steinbrenner can't be all bad, though - he did give $5,000 to that ungrateful jerk of a league president from Staten Island.

...strange but true: in The Bad News Bears, an adult slaps a kid in public and time stops for two minutes while everyone asks, "Did that really just happen?"; in real life, an adult slaps a kid on television and we're more concerned about the fact that the youngster said a naughty word on the air. far have we really come since the 1976?

...congratulations to Portsmouth, NH for making it to the final eight in this year's LLWS. I'm proud to have attended high school there.

...I love the commercial for "Yaz", a new birth control pill, for two reasons: one, it's called "Yaz", which can't make Carl Yastrzemski real happy, two, when the actress casually mentions something about having gone to medical school, they put the disclaimer "Doctor Dramatization" across the bottom of the screen. Makes me laugh every time.

...I made a decision after reading some October 2004 archives on Boston Sports Media Watch - I'm not giving up on the Red Sox until they visit Yankee Stadium in September.

...nice to see David Wells putting together a string of good starts in what could be his last hurrah at the major league level.

...Curt Schilling needs to do the same. A 6-0 September to lead the Sox into the playoffs could push his Hall of Fame candidacy over the brink.

...this year marks my first ever attempt at a "real" fantasy football league (my older brother asked me to "assistant coach" his team) - was it a bad idea to take Ahman Green in the fourth round?

...on the bright side, we drafted the Redskins defense - the Patriots only dropped 41 points on them today.

...why is it that every time I flip to the History Channel, they're running a program about ancient Egypt?

...and does AMC (American Classic Movies) realize that the majority of movies it shows are not classic movies? television station is worse at promoting movies than the USA Network - last week, a promo for Big Fish said something about Ewan McGregor thinking his father was crazy. Funny thing, though - McGregor played the father in the movie. Also, several months ago, they spent an entire weekend running commercials for How To Loose A Guy In Ten Days. there anything better than a baseball player charging the mound after almost getting hit by a pitch?

...maybe I'll write something with actual paragraphs next week.

...then again, school is starting next week, so maybe I won't.